Why build a list?

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list buildingWhy building a list is central to your IM business

You might well ask yourself why build a list?  But if you spend days or weeks carefully putting together a website- or pay someone to do it, you wil have the satisfaction when it’s completed, of sitting back and admiring it with a proprietorial pride. But what then?  Who is going to look at it? There is a limit, both financially, and of time, that you can sit back and polish and admire the site  Youneed to take ACTION!

Even if you have implemented a good SEO campaign, it’ll take a time for it to kick in and move you up the all-important Google rankings. So, that is why you need a list.

Segmenting your list

Once you have built one, never again will you need to cross your fingers and hope for an occasional casual visitor- with a list you can mail out and publicise your new site- and if you have enough names on it, you can do all sorts of great stuff- like segmenting into interests, previous buyers, geographic locations and age.

It’s possible to buy ready made lists from list brokers, but the danger is, that they are generic and have probably been re-sold many times- leading to disgruntled “over-mailed”recipients.

So- the best answer is to create your own list – you wil control how many times the names are contacted,  build individual lists for each of your products, manipulate or test different approaches and measure accurately the response rates. Check this offer out – it’s a useful WP plugin called mailIt

I have spent a lot of time on looking at the best way to build my own lists, and have used a number of methods.

I’ll talk about a few of these in my next post, but in the meantime, here is a FREEBIE for you. Just CLICK HERE

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