Tuba Skinny Jazz

For light relief in these difficult times, I can recommend a fantastic series of YouTube videos of a band called Tuba Skinny.

It is a group of itinerant youngish musicians who met each other in New Orleans, playing in Blue Grass, C&W, Punk and rock bands.
The “leader” is a young woman who started out as a six year old concert pianist (a vid of her is on YouTube as well) She is now a very accomplished and forceful cornet player- her grandfather was Al Cohn who played with Zoot Sims in 1950s big bands  (ask the oldsters- they will know those names!)
They play in the street in New Orleans and some gigs in Europe too and are a joy to watch and listen to- playing neglected music from the 20s. The trombone player looks almost comatose as he lies back in his chair!

Anyway- in these troubled times, if I want a fix I logon and listen- it always does the job!

Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Shaye as a child concert pianist: https://youtu.be/4E9HkZ6sScE

Tuba Skinny plays Jubilee Stomp..a Duke Ellington number from 1928 https://youtu.be/_ZdMxFiUf9Q

Shaye plays piano



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