Product reviews -don’t you love’em?

snake oilI just love getting emails from software solutions vendors, urging me to benefit from price cardbuying the most extravagantly over-hyped product ever developed (well…maybe is was, on that particular Thursday morning!)

Apparently, without their help, I am doomed to a life of drudgery and penny pinching misery, a world away from some of the carpetbagging hucksters who beam out of pages, with dazzling sets of teeth, in front of luxury mansions or Ferraris, with lifestyle blondes and children as props (thanks to green screen technology, too!). I just love the design of some of their sales pages,  liberally splattered with Money Back! , 50% Off, stickers…then the final laugh- you weaken, and buy a $10 miracle and then all the One Time Offers pop up, so you can sit and relax for five minutes before you even get access to the product itself.  Having said all this, there are frequently very interesting niche solutions at good prices if you are strong willed- but in the end, it comes down to your ability to resist the shiny objects syndrome

Just to shwarningow that I am a user as well as a critic, I have collected some interesting offers- you can access them by clicking here

there are also more available if you go to the tab of Product Review key in the Menu, where a new sub directory will list them …here are a few reviews for you to checkout in the meantime!

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