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Marketing Knowledge Is Key to Online Success

old advert‘Never Stop Learning’ is an adage I’m sure you have heard many times when growing up. It is still a relevant and a powerful phrase. Without knowledge, what can you achieve?

Everyone has to learn something in order to survive. Knowledge is important in business – it will help you survive and give you that edge over your competitors.  So here are a couple of easy tips and some advice to help expand your internet marketing knowledge.

If you are an internet marketer, you have many avenues to gather new knowledge. One of the most powerful ways to learn new ideas and get knowledge is by doing a simple web search. Of course, you will find sources that are not quite reliable and with knowledge not backed by facts, but hey, you can still learn something from it.

If you come across an article or blog post online, look at it objectively. See if there is something on that post that you may never have used in your marketing, maybe it is how the article has been structured or the style of it employed.

If the article or blog post mentions something you’ve never heard, keep that idea in mind or write it down. In your free time, do further research to understand it. New information should prompt you to carry out more research so you can expand your knowledge. If the information you find is not something you can apply, then the article you’re reading is not worth keeping.

Thousands of adverts

ad hoarding
Thousands of adverts

From the time you got your morning coffee and had your breakfast, to the time you go to bed, you will have been actively or subliminally confronted with thousands of advertisements from radio commercials and newspaper ads to billboards and ads on your phone and PC.

However, have you ever thought of placing adverts on t-shirts that people wear or signs on the streets? Did you ever visit a town and see a sign for something like a theatre or museum and it hits you that you should go there? Well, is that not a way you can use to market your brand?

Of course, if you are an internet marketer, and you may not set up a big signboard or pay for a billboard to advertise your brand or tell people to ‘buy this or that from your website,’ but you get my idea. As an internet marketer, there are many ways you can market your brand online – the idea is to be different.

Word of mouth is a powerful and cost-effective way to market your brand, but you need to be creative with this one. Asking your customers to pass your message to other people or recommend your product to other people is enough.

There is more you should do so they can go the extra mile of telling other people about your business. What you can do is to make the time you spend with them fun and interesting.

Most of the time, a happy customer is a good marketer. If they are laughing or really enjoying themselves when doing business with you, they will recommend you to their friends and family members. That’s why building a strong rapport is so important.

Generally, people love to share memorable or funny things. Thus, if you do your marketing in a way that people enjoy, they will be your ambassadors.

Making a video for YouTube explaining what you do and what your brand is all about is not the most effective way to make your customers happy. In fact, the best and most creative ways to advertise is to do it without your customers realising it. You can upload a funny video of someone using a product that you sell.

Then, talk a little about it. What you may not realise is that people will notice your product and will purchase it because they saw it on your video.

Aadvertsfter the video, they associate your product with laughter and will want to use it the same way. You can get more creative and get out of your usual online circle by going to an event and demonstrating how your product works. The more people understand how to use your product, the more likely they are to purchase it.

Also, ideas can come from people, and you will be surprised to see how creative people are. You can expand your knowledge by talking to them about your product.

Ask your friends about it and engage with your audience to see if they have any marketing ideas. With friends, you can approach them directly and ask them if they have an idea they can share with you. With your audience, you will need to ask it indirectly.

After getting a rough idea of how you will phrase your ad, share some little details about it with your customers.tonic advt

You can even present two different ideas and use online voting on the best way to present your product. Of course, many people will tell you to add this, replace that with this, and so forth. That way, you will have asked for their opinion or idea without asking at all.

After finding the ideal answer from your audience, the next thing is to make the advertising video. Of course, you can get someone do it for you if you are camera-shy.

I hope that this has helped to open your eyes and expanded your marketing knowledge. It is crucial to keep reading and learning to survive in the online world. People will remember entertaining or funny methods of advertising instead of those professional reviews. Make sure you think outside the box and borrow ideas from other people.

Look objectively at other adverts and marketing methods, there’s no shame in copying something that is eye-catching and that works!

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