e-Mail marketing

email marketingI’d like to look at e-mail marketing today. It’s an issue that is important to me, because  the more I learn about it, the more money
I seem to make!

Some people seem to think that e-mail marketing is the same thing as list building, but there IS a difference.

List building is exactly what it says. It’s you BUILDING your list.

So stuff like creating your squeeze page, creating the free-offer for your squeeze page, driving traffic to your squeeze page, etc. That’s all  LIST BUILDING stuff.

Email marketing

Email marketing is what you do once you have a list and is EQUALLY important.

So things like learning to write subject lines that get people to open your emails, creating different kinds of promotional and educational emails, getting people to click on your links are all list building essentials. And like I said… The more you learn about email marketing, the more money you’ll make!

Example: I recently started using HTML emails with some of my niches that I’m in. My CTR (click through rate) more than doubled, and so did my money-on those emails!

Wouldn’t you continue to educate yourself if you could double your money with little things you learn?

Now we have briefly gone over the difference between list building and e-mail marketing, hopefully you’re a little clearer where you need to focus your learning!

The internet is stuffed with seductive offers of courses  for both internet marketing and list building, but i have picked up a few good tips from my favourite two. Check them out- If you’d like to learn several of my email marketing strategies that will help you make more-money with email marketing I loved the product so much I bought resell right to it!

Promo Payouts Master Class  comes with several modules all about the different elements of email  marketing and a TON of templates you can just copy and paste and use.

Also, checkout an offer for Mailit– a free WP plugin!

Okay that’s it for today! I’ll talk to you soon…

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