Beat the “Shiny Object” syndrome!

Beat the shiny object syndrome 1You may not want to acknowledge it, but eventually you will need to beat the Shiny Object Syndrome.  We’ve all done it- and most people involved with Internet Marketing (IM)  continue to do it!  It’s the seductive lure of the “Shiny Object”.  Your email box will be packed to capacity each day with unbeatable offers- a great new WP theme, an exciting new plugin or the latest “make a million$$ a day” coaching course. And, to add urgency, all of them are at record low prices and only available for the next six hours!  Your PayPal page is open before you know it, and that’s one more item to add to your marketing armoury.

Of course, when you succumb to the beautifully written copy, or the cheeky little animated whiteboard, you imagine it wil make a big difference to your business. But, in the majority of cases, it sits in your files feeling like a neglected kid’s toy at Christmas.

Of course, if you are happy to play with new toys then, that’s fine. In reality, the stuff has never been cheaper- and that’s half of the problem- when you see a massive package on offer for less than $10, then, why not?

Focus on Success:

But, if you want to get success in Internet Marketing then you need to focus on achieving that success. Make consistent income by concentrating on developing a regular stream of products rather than jumping from one idea to another.

The problem with getting the latest deal is largely one of time. So often, one of the massive cheap courses which look so persuasive and comprehensive on their “Buy Me!”sites, entail hours of reading, instruction videos and tinkering about with the “engine”. So- as a result much of it just sits filling up your hard disk.Beat the shiny object syndrome 2

There are ways of solving this of course. More vendors are offering a DFY service (Done for You) where they will install the package, and create the sales funnels, links and delivery-at a price. All the buyer needs to do is to choose a domain name. It’s worth checking out as well- I’ll talk more about that next time.

Beat the shiny object syndrome 3I came across a little book the other day which also looks at this distraction- If you want to check it out this link will take you there “Why We Start Things But Never Finish Them” which discusses this obsession and is worth a read- if you are a Kindle user- it’s free!

If you really don’t want to beat the shiny object syndrome, and indulge yourself and read some assorted product reviews,just click here!!