Geoff Ellis Online Blog

Geoff Ellis Online Blog

After years of prevarication, I have decided to start a blog.

Geoff Ellis Online- ZX80 to WordPress. Well, it’s going to be a bit random, as I want to share ideas and discoveries with you.  Occasionally it’ll be a meander through my earlier days as a journalist, from the Sinclair ZX80, talking about the adoption of IT and the home computer wars.   I am active in the Internet Marketing business and have helped a lot of people jump on board with their own ideas- using the Internet as the vehicle for an instant viable business. I will be telling you what I have found works for me- and what doesn’t. Now we are well into 2019, the year is set to once again, set new records for online marketing and web related businesses.

In Geoff Ellis Online

I will be talking about the biggest single hurdle that most of us encounter- the dreaded “latest shiny object” that not only swallows your cash and time, but also in many cases, your aspirations and hopes. So- I’ll probably get this into some sort of structure as time goes on. In my previous life running my PR company, my bookkeeper complained to me that my mind was like a butterfly.  That I was unable to concentrate on one small idea at a time – but flitting about from subject to subject. Well – it probably was, but it is being aware of the situation, and having the mental strength to combat it which is the important thing- and anyway- I never wanted to be a tick boxes book keeper!

So, if you have any ideas or requests that you would like to share on Geoff Ellis Online,  please get in touch with me. CLICK  HERE  TO CONTACT  ME

I’m off to cull a few Gig of shiny things from my HDD!


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